• Quality Legal Services for School Districts

    Hauser, Izzo, Petrarca, Gleason & Stillman, LLC is a full-service boutique law firm specializing in issues facing school districts, including board policy and procedures, civil rights, contracts and litigation, personnel management, collective bargaining, elections and referenda, property tax objections and assessment appeals, school finance, special education, student discipline, residency, records, and other issues.

  • Quality Legal Services for Joint Agreements

    Hauser, Izzo, Petrarca, Gleason & Stillman, LLC provides comprehensive legal services to special education joint agreements, including labor and employment issues involving cooperatives and their member districts, policy reviews as applicable to the operations of cooperatives, contracts for cooperative personnel and facilities, and withdrawal proceedings.

  • Quality Legal Services for Municipalities

    Hauser, Izzo, Petrarca, Gleason & Stillman, LLC offers specialized legal services for municipalities, including collective bargaining, defense of civil rights, employment and labor claims, ordinance development and review, property tax assessment and incentive matters, and financial management advice.


  • Quality Legal Services For Other Local Governmental Entities

    Hauser, Izzo, Petrarca, Gleason & Stillman, LLC serves as both general counsel and provider of specialized legal services for local governmental entities such as park districts, library districts, sanitary districts, and police and fire commissions, including assistance on organizational, ordinance enforcement, personnel, records, finance, and litigation matters.

Priority Briefings

The U.S. Office of Special Education Programs issued guidance in December 2017 discussing the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent Endrew F. decision on the requirement to provide students with disabilities an appropriate education. (01/02/18)

Training Programs

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Firm News

We are pleased to announce our new firm name:  Hauser, Izzo, Petrarca, Gleason & Stillman, LLC


Hauser, Izzo, Petrarca, Gleason & Stillman, LLC is a full-service school and local government law firm whose members have provided more than 70 collective years of service to school districts, special education joint agreements, and other local governmental bodies. The firm specializes in the following areas of the law:

  • School Law
  • Municipal and Local Government Law

We have established a solid reputation for ourselves as a personal law firm that puts clients first and serves them with honesty and integrity. We believe our success is driven by a client-focused approach to the successful resolution of legal issues. Strong enough to litigate, yet dedicated to a proactive approach which sees the high cost of litigation as a last resort, we are firmly committed to managing risk and liability in the most cost effective manner.

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